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My Cozy Routine for Meh Days

rashon | A Practical Guide to Wellness

I mentioned in today’s accountability post on social that I’m having one of those days. Nothing is really wrong, but I’m tired and overwhelmed. Anyone else feeling that this week?

I know that I keep talking about showing up for myself and sticking my routines. I keep talking about it because it is the one thing that truly, consistently helps me through these days that feel meh.

Actually, I know that my mom is reading this and saying that God (Abundant Love) helps us through these types of days, too. That is absolutely true, and I don’t want to ever discount my connection to Abundant Love (God). I’ll be very honest. There are days like today where I am not at my best, I’m tired and likely my hormones are out of whack this week. On these days, sometimes that connection to Love (God) is really hard for me to find. I use moving my body and my routines to carry me through until the mood breaks, the clouds part, the sun starts shining, and I can hear and feel God (Love) all around me again. 

This is what works for me. As always, I want to share what I do, and hope that it inspires you to find the things that work for you.

I’ve talked before about my morning routine, but I’ll share more details of that here.

During the week, we’re up at 5am. I’ve tried different times of the morning, and right now, 5 seems to be the right amount of time. To be honest, I may start getting up a bit earlier to help me get some more things done. We’ll see. For right now, 5 is good enough. On the weekends, I don’t typically set an alarm, but I usually wake up around 6:30 or so.

My morning routine consists of butter coffee. We typically do a pour over with half caff. I add 1 Tbsp. unsalted kerrygold butter and 1 scoop Vital Proteins collagen peptides. I also usually add a splash of heavy cream. At times, I do avoid dairy, and then I prefer oat milk in my coffee.

I follow my coffee with my supplements. I shared what I take a few weeks ago, but my priority is the functional/nutritional mushrooms that I take every day. I’ll be talking more about mushrooms soon. These are the first supplements I’ve ever truly felt the results of taking consistently. My brain and memory function better, I have more sustained energy, and overall feel physically better when I take these. I am currently using Host Defense. Lion’s Mane is my non-negotiable, but I typically also always take Reishi and Cordyceps as well. These supplements are not cheap, but they are a priority and I budget them in.

After I’ve had my coffee and supplements, it’s time to move my body. This morning I did a combo of Pilates and stretching. Since I was tired, I really just wanted to honor my body and let it move in the ways that felt good. This is one of the ways I am able to recenter myself, get back into my body, and start feeling that connection to Abundant Love again. I also spent a few minutes at the end meditating and praying about my day.

What I love most about this routine is that I know what to expect. I know what my morning is going to look like most days. Also, on days like today where it’s hard to find the motivation, I know that going to my routine is how I get through it. I show up for myself by doing what I do every single day. My brain jumps right into the routine.

We all know that the day doesn’t stop at 8 am (what I consider the end time of my morning routine). I still need those routines and rituals to carry me throughout the day. Today, I followed one of my favorite cozy rituals to move me through my morning.

First, I gathered up everything I would need to work this morning. From left to right: A book I’m reading for research, my notebook, notecards, my favorite gel pens, blue light blocking glasses (just say no to blue light, aging your skin and eye strain), lotion and lip gloss. 

Let’s talk through this list just a bit. Yes, I write everything out. I also have everything I write out in digital form (digital calendar, online project management tools, etc.). I really need both to stay organized – my brain works in both ways, and I work from a running written list often. I love those gel pens because you can erase them, and I also like to use them to color code my notes. I have a different color for each business or task that I work on. I know immediately by the color to which business it relates. And then last, but certainly not least, some of my favorite self-care products. I got the Melting Body Balm as a gift when I said yes to working with Beautycounter again. This is something I would have NEVER bought for myself, and now it’s become one of my favorite products. And lip gloss. I mean, we all need a little lip gloss now and then. Am I right? I absolutely love this gloss – the color is Brulee.

Back to the cozy: I also grabbed my favorite Barefoot Dreams socks and made a cup of hot green tea. I gathered what I needed and then settled into one of my favorite spots in the house. There’s a spot on the couch where I can see the view out the front window and the view out the back window, and it’s perfect for settling in for work. I got myself set up and tucked in – at least for a little while. I do try to get up and move around every hour.

Y’all. Please ignore those dirty windows. Real life showing through. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

This little ritual of gathering up my favorite work supplies, getting myself a cup of tea, putting on a little body balm that smells like heaven – is exactly what I needed today. Yes, I’m getting through the day and being productive. I’m also honoring my mind, body and soul at every turn. I’m being intentional about how I move through my day. I can’t control everything that happens around me, but I can use my routines to help guide how I react to those things. By laying that daily foundation of wellness, I’m able to better navigate these meh days.

I also love that because I have these tried and true routines, I can apply these anywhere, at anytime. I create cozy spots for myself all around the house. I can do these same things if I’m visiting someone’s house or staying at a hotel. I can give myself a cozy environment, experience and moment anytime I need it. I can also change things up: I can light candles, listen to music, move by body, or even invite someone to join me in the cozy moment I created.

Those few moments I spent creating my little cozy work nook for today really boosted my spirits! It reminded me that cooler weather is just around the corner. I got a little fix with my socks and some hot tea. Creating this space for myself this morning really helped to redirect my day and my mood. It was such simple actions, but by choosing to do each of those things intentionally for myself, I also found joy. Sure, that joy may be buried under some layers of meh today, but I feel that joy brewing. It just took a few extra moments to honor my mind, body and soul.

Love you all.

Tell me: What are your rituals or routines that help you get through meh days? 

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