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Weekly Wrap-Up Aug. 21, 2020: Deep Thoughts and Rustic Cabins

rashon | A Practical Guide to Wellness

It has been a WEEK. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one feeling this way. We spent last weekend in a beautiful area of northern New Mexico, and as you know is the case with most quick getaways, coming back to the real world was a jolt.

I have to give major props to Chris. I announced to him the Friday prior that I thought we should getaway for a long weekend and go camping. I thought it would be tied to a work trip, but that didn’t happen, so it was just a long weekend for us. Anyway, Chris pretty much sprang into action. He got all of our gear ready and figured out where we were going. He was exhausted by the time we left, but we had everything we needed. He is the master of these things. 😉

Now that I’ve bragged on all his awesome work, I’m also going to steal his pictures for this post. 😂Thanks, honey! You’re likely not reading this anyway, so you’ll never know. Ha.

This is us on the side of the road in New Mexico. It was a beautiful spot with gorgeous cliffs and that mountain spring running past. We pretty much can’t ever miss a good photo op on a road trip.

Chris found this rustic cabin for us to stay at/camp in. We actually had a tent and planned to just use the cabin if the weather was bad, or for cooking, etc., but we loved the cabin so much we ended up sleeping in there. We used our air mattress and blankets on a simple platform provided in the cabin.

Friday afternoon and evening was a whirlwind of getting camp set up, but we had plenty of time to sit out on the porch and watch the sunset, and then we sat out under the stars. It always amazes me when I can see the Milky Way and I’m reminded of how awesome this world, and our universe, truly are.

Our Lola girl was with us, too. She loved every minute of it, and would have answered the call of her wild had we let her. I feel you, Lola girl. I feel you.

On Saturday, we spent time hiking, sitting out under the trees and soaking in all of the beautiful views and mountain air. 

We sat for a good while under a cluster (grove? group?) of Quaking Aspen trees for a long time. I’m always very drawn to trees. I see so many similarities between trees and humans – in characteristics and qualities we share or should emulate. 

Trees are strong and sturdy, rooted deep in the ground, their branches reaching up to the sky, leaves soaking up the sun’s rays, making nutrients for the tree. The tree provides home and shelter to creatures of all sizes. The tree provides a safe place in the midst of a storm, or is a haven to an animal from predators. The tree provides a high vantage point – a lookout to see what’s coming. This is how we should be – all humans, but this is especially true of women. Ladies, when we are fully ourselves, when we deal with our shit and become whole again, we are a safe place, we provide shelter, we provide nourishment, we are a lookout for what’s coming. When we are healed and whole, our roots go deep. We are strong and sturdy.

As I sat watching those Quaking Aspens on Saturday, I was in awe of their beauty. I have been obsessed with these trees since a trip to CO in 2018. Quaking Aspens have a skinnier trunk and white bark, with contrasting black knobby spots, scratches and wear. Their branches are thinner, and the leaves and stems are delicate. The leaves are dark, shiny green on one side and a matte lighter green on the reverse. Because the branches are thinner and the leaves and stems so delicate, the leaves dance around with the slightest breeze. The leaves clap against each other and shake and shimmer. The way light dances off the shiny and matte sides of the leaves, they look almost like glitter in the sunlight. 

God always seems to reveal herself to me in nature. When I am my whole self, and am present in my body, nature seems to unfold before me, and I always learn something. Saturday was no different. As we sat under those trees, a really big wind picked up. Those strong, sturdy trees remained rooted in the ground, but they swayed ever so slightly. They gave just enough in that storm to move with it. That tree didn’t fight to stand firm and still – it gave just the slightest bit to move with the wind – to protect itself – its roots, its trunk (spine), its branches and nutrient- bringing leaves. If the tree was rigid through the storms, it would risk branches breaking, it’s trunk snapping, or even worse, its roots being pulled up out of the ground. At the same time, as it moved and swayed in the storm, those branches continued to reach for the sky. Those delicate leaves continued to dance and clap with joy. In fact, as the wind grew stronger, those leaves danced harder, and their clapping turned to singing. When Quaking Aspens really get going, their leaves sound like running water. It is some of the most magical music in nature.

These trees showed me how we should be. We have to deal with our shit. Whatever the trauma or issues are that you’re carrying around, you have to deal with those so you can be fully grounded and rooted in who you are. When you’re firmly grounded, and the storms of life kick up around you, then you’re able to bend slightly with the storm instead of fighting against it. When you’re firmly rooted in yourself, and can bend and shift slightly, then you’re able to find joy in the midst of any circumstances – you can reach your arms up to the sky, dance, sing – make your own music even in the storm. 

So how do we stay strong and flexible and find joy all at once? It starts by honoring your mind, body and soul every single day. By showing up for yourself every day, by finding ways (big or small) to honor your mind, body and soul, you are building a solid foundation for YOU. Small changes add up to huge results. It starts with just one small change. Pick up that small change and make it a habit. Then pick up the next small change and make it a habit. Momentum begets momentum. I’ll be honest. The first actual habit I created for myself was around skin care. Before I dealt with my shit, I didn’t have good habits when it came to exercise, diet, etc., but I did care about my skin. It was a small place to start, but it got the ball rolling. Now, I’m working on an entire morning routine and am getting ready to add an evening routine to the mix. It’s all about building the momentum and starting to live in alignment with what your mind, body and soul are asking of you. As you build that strong foundation of YOU, you’re able to stay flexible when life throws shit at you. No, it doesn’t make the shit not hurt, but it gives you the extra bandwidth to deal with what is coming at you.

Now all of that said, not long after my moment of divine inspiration, I had a fight with Chris. I’m not putting that out there to overshare, but I also want to keep it real. Yes, it was a beautiful weekend away, in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Going camping, on a long road trip, over a weekend, causes stress, and when there’s only two of you, you’re bound to take it out on each other at some point. Or at least we are. 😂Spoiler alert: Sometimes we bicker and sometimes we straight up fight, but at the end of the day, we love each other.

As always with the weekly wrap-up, I’m going to leave you with a song. I felt like Taylor’s You Need To Calm Down really summed it up last time. But first, I want to encourage you to show up for yourself today. Find one thing you can do for yourself. Maybe it’s just getting out of bed and brushing your teeth, taking a walk or having a dance party, eating some nourishing foods, praying or meditating – whatever it is – choose that one thing and do it consistently for yourself every day for a few weeks. Then when you’ve mastered showing up for yourself in that small way, choose one more small action to take. Join me in my Facebook group or on Instagram for daily accountability. Post in the comments about what you’re working on so that we can support and encourage you. We can’t support you if you won’t show up for yourself first. Go leave a comment and encourage other women to do the same.

Without further ado, here’s the song for this week. Love you all.

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  1. Steph
    2 years ago Reply

    This was such an inspiring post! I love your camping pics and how beautiful it was. I love this song and this whole thought process in your post!!!

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